Why Asian MILFs are so good at giving heads?

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We all love receiving heads or watching women do that in various porn videos. But there is just something about Asian women that makes it so much better and hotter. Here we will try to figure out why Asians are so good at giving blowjobs, why kind of skills they have and where you can watch videos featuring Asian MILF giving head softporn. So, let’s start.


As mentioned above, Asian women are known for giving great blowjobs. It ultimately applies to all Asian women, however, the best ones are usually MILFs. They are incredible at sucking cocks, so calling them “blowjob artists” won’t be an overestimation, as they know how to pleasure stiff peckers using nothing but their mouth, lips and sometimes their throats too. The fact that they are slightly older than teens, usually means they are a bit more experienced, therefore, knowing more about blowjobs and having more experience makes them even better at they actually like to do so much.

One of the parts why Asians are so good at giving heads lies deep in their culture. Usually, women are taking more obedient roles in the households, which implies obeying their men and making sure they have everything they need. It makes them more passionate and more persistent at what they do and it also applies to sex. They are more patient with blowjobs, giving enough attention to every aspect of it and improving their skills no matter how long it takes, only to satisfy their men.

As for the technique, they usually start by sensually licking the dick and sometimes adding the ball play, which can be done either by hands or by licking (even sucking) the balls. Normally after that comes the deepthroating part, which is a very important part that brings the most satisfaction, both to women and of course to their lovers. After that they usually add some stroking, which amplifies the amount of pleasure and makes the men cum harder and better.

Another exciting thing about Asian women is that they love to swallow cum. Unlike many European or North American women that might be that much into cum play, Asian women are usually happy swallowing loads of cum after a blowjob.

All that makes them so good at giving heads and luckily for you, even if you’re not planning to make a trip to Asia in order to meet an Asian MILF of your dreams, it’s easy to find amazing soft porn videos with hot Asian babes giving amazing blowjobs. No wonder this is usually one of the most popular categories on every porn tube.  We strongly recommend visiting Pornn, where you can enjoy amazing porn videos featuring Asian MILF sucking all kinds of hard cocks and making sure each and every one of them is fully satisfied, bursting with cum either on their faces, or on their tits or as they love the most, right in their mouths.

Kinds of girls in the bed

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Not all yoghurts are equally useful, not all women are the same in love… I will describe several types of female sexuality that, from my point of view, are the most common…


This little “girl” can be as old as you like: maybe 19, maybe 42. 

  • The main thing in her is not her age or appearance, but the desire to give responsibility and initiative in sex to a man. 
  • For most of her life, such a woman is in a passive expectation of a dominant who will prevail over her. 
  • At the same time, she herself can be married, and pretend to be quiet for years, and have passionate animal sex exclusively on the side.

She often prefers older, stronger, larger men, as much as possible higher in social status, but this is not necessary. They like to watch mature homemade porn and any kind of it. The main thing is a man’s tendency to manage, control, corrupt, a slight touch of sadism. She easily agrees to the proposals of her man, but she herself is inactive, and rarely initiates sexual intercourse, if only at the behest of her master. Once in the right hands, it becomes ready for any experiments, even hazardous to health. It is hard going through a break with a dominant man, and is capable of much to bring him back, even if she contacted a scoundrel, Don Juan and a womanizer.


The woman is bright, independent, accustomed to relying on herself and leading, including in sex. Often copies men’s clothing style, men’s habits, and even experiments with sexual orientation. Such a lady seduces both men and women without any problems, and the list of her love victories can go into hundreds. 

She happily tries new things in sex, starts sophisticated and complex experiments, but at the same time honors the Criminal Code and the principle of consent. She is incredibly active in bed, but can only speak from the dominant side, especially with men. She prefers intelligent and subtle men, not too brutal, but obedient to women’s whims.

But one should not think that these men are suffering… They see things that many have never even dreamed of.

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How Do You Meet Older Women?

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If you’re a younger dude and you really get turned on by free cougar dating or having sex with older women, listen to me. Understand that you have to have a game plan when it comes to trying to meet older women. You can’t just download Tinder and just expect to score because most of the chicks on Tinder are probably around your age. We’re talking about late 20’s to early 30’s. That’s the demographic distribution of that mobile dating app.

Now I’m not knocking Tinder. Tinder does bring the pussy for a lot of guys. That’s why it’s so popular. But if you are looking for specialized demographics, you need to look for websites that cater to young men looking to meet older women. In other words, you need to do market research.

That’s like me looking for work shoes going to a store that only sells ballerina shoes. It doesn’t make any sense. You can try going on match.com or typical mainstream matchmaking sites, but let me tell you, it’s not going to end well for you. You’re going to be frustrated and you’re probably going to give up.

You have to find the right specialized sites because these women have a certain mindset. They’re not there to look for Prince Charming, they’re not looking for a knight in shining armor, they’re not looking for any of that romantic, nostalgic, sentimental bullshit. They’re looking for hot, hard, nasty, relentless action with younger men. Now if that’s your thing and if that’s right up your alley, then look for specialized sites.

That’s the key to success. That’s how you hook up. You can’t bark up the wrong tree and expect to succeed. It doesn’t work that way. Get rid of that entitlement mentality. You’re not entitled to pussy just because you showed up or just because you decided to have sex with cougars. It doesn’t work that way.