Signs That a Woman Likes You: Top Tips from AnaCams Girls

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Can’t really figure out if a girl likes you or not? Yeah, it might be difficult to ascertain if she’s interested or not. After all, not every chick in real life is similar to a sexed-up camgirl from AnaCams, she is not going to squirt on the spot while moaning your name or offer you a private show. 

We know that there are many subtle signs that some guys wind up ignoring or overlooking, so we came up with a small little list of important signs that show that a girl likes you. Again, prepared by AnaCams models that are real life girls after all.

Hot to Tell If a Girl Likes You – Main Signs

She is quick to respond to your message

Social media, messaging apps, whatever.  If you don’t receive a response after a few hours of being active on your social media platform, she probably wasn’t particularly interested in your messages. Of course, she could have been busy catching up with her friends or hanging out with her gals-pals, but if you actually initiate a chat with her, she should be receptive to it. 

This one is an IMPORTANT but UNCERTAIN area that can indicate whether a woman is into you or not. If she constantly ignores you, then there’s a chance she just isn’t that interested. On the other hand, if she responds to your messages quickly and warmly, it can be that she’s generally polite. Or if she’s ignoring you, it’s possible she just has a lot of things on her plate and she’s busy. 

She shows interest in what you do

Do you notice when she’s showing signs of interest? If she follows you on social media, texts you, it’s a small sign she’s interested. If she really REALLY likes you, she’ll ask you about your life, interests and what’s going on with you in general. Be sure to make it easy for her to learn that you’re interested too by giving her a chance to talk about herself and show interest by listening to her stories. 

She’s complimentary

If she starts praising you when you start talking to her, you’ve got a good chance that she’s into you. Be wary that it might be that she’s just saying nice things about you because she’s polite. As sad as it might sound, women are told to be polite from a very early age. If she does like you, she will be more vocal in terms of complimenting you, though.

Her body language changes

Does she stand up when you enter the room or just sits there like a statue? Does her position change at all? Does her jaw drop when she sees you walk into the room? Does she look at you and sort of wink in acknowledgment? If she does this, she likes you. Additional body language signs that she’s into you include: lots of smiling, lengthy eye contact, constant “invasion” of your personal space.

She mentions being single

Yeah, this one is THE biggest sign that she’s interested. If she’s ready to remind you just how single and ready she is, then she’s clearly waiting for you to finally take the hint.