Is Physical Attractiveness Important for Skype Cam Models?

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Physical attractiveness is often seen as the most important factor in sex, but that’s not always the case.

Understandably, most men on the lookout for Skype cam models to hook up with base their decisions almost entirely on looks.

But what you tend to find as your experience grows (both online and in the real world) is that there are so many things that can play a role in making a sexual encounter enjoyable, which go beyond looks alone.

Physical Attractiveness is seen a most as the most important factor in sexual attraction, leading some to believe that the physical characteristics of an individual such as their face and body are the only important elements.

In reality, however, physical attractiveness is far from the only thing that matters when it comes to sex. There are other factors that can be just as, if not more, important than physical attractiveness when it comes to intimate relationships.

Unexpectedly Attraction

Think about it – chances are there has been at least one time in your life when you found yourself attracted to someone, despite them being anything but your ‘type’ in the physical sense.

You’re normally into super-skinny model types, only to suddenly find yourself going weak at the knee for someone in the plus-size category. Or you may have never liked redheads, only to fall head over heels with a red-haired woman you wouldn’t normally look twice at.

The question being…what gives?

The Science of Attraction

Truth is, we’ll never really know why it is that some people like some things, while others prefer entirely different things. It’s all about the uniqueness of every human being, so it’s not the kind of thing that you can put a hard scientific explanation to.

But what can be said about the so-called ‘signs of attractiveness’ is that there are four major factors that play a role in sexual attraction, which go far beyond physical appearance.

All of which give at least some insight into how a person can be drawn sexually towards someone they wouldn’t normally consider to be physically attractive.

1. Emotional Attraction

The first factor is emotional attraction. This is a bond between two individuals that is based on shared emotions and feelings.

When two people have an emotional connection, they may be drawn to each other beyond physical appearances. This connection often grows over time through shared experiences, conversations and moments.

It can create an intimate connection that can be the difference between a casual night of sex and a deeply passionate and meaningful experience.

2. Compatibility

Next comes compatibility. This is a type of connection that goes beyond surface-level physical attraction. It is based on mutual interests, values and goals.

People may be attracted to one another physically, but if they are incompatible, then the relationship may not be able to last.

Compatibility is more important than physical attraction because it can be a source of strength and stability in a relationship. It is therefore also a major driver of sexual attraction.

3. Respect

The third factor is respect. Mutual respect is an essential part of any relationship, including sexual relationships.

Respect can be shown in many different ways, from small gestures like holding the door for someone, to bigger acts like honoring each other’s boundaries.

Respectful partners can make each other feel valued and appreciated, which can contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship.

4. Communication

Factor four is communication. This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication, such as body language. Open and honest communication can help to create trust and understanding between two partners.

It can also allow for a deeper level of connection, which can lead to a more meaningful and satisfying sexual experience.

A Deeper Connection

When you think about it, each of the four factors above forms the basis of a healthy, enjoyable and a fulfilling relationship.  Which is, where most people are concerned, what matters most when seeking equally enjoyable sex.

Realistically, you cannot expect to have genuinely mind-blowing sex with somebody you do not feel deeply connected with. While looks may be important in terms of first impressions, they really aren’t everything.

Just because somebody suits your preferences physically does not necessarily mean they’re someone you can get on with.

So, while it’s true to say that physical attractiveness is important for Skype models, it’s just one of many attributes that make for amazing online hookups.  Precisely why it’s always a good idea to pay equal mind to a model’s bio and profile pics, rather than prioritizing one over the other.

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